About Me ?


Hi Everyone,

My name is Ketaki, I am full-time SAP ERP consultant from India but currently in Philadelphia  . I’m married to my childhood friend since 8 years.

I have always been a makeup junkie and I am sucker for Nail polishes. I’m also a skincare fanatic. You can pretty much say that I’m a high maintenance woman and I don’t feel offended about it .It’s good to take care of yourself and if that makes you happy one should do it.

Like most of the  girls/women’s I am also a shopaholic(Shopping makes me calm and relaxed) ..needless to say that has also kept my makeup collection updated..:)

My friends/relatives always ask me a ton of questions about makeup,nails,skin care and I happily answer them ( too much excited to share information). So i thought why not write about the stuff which I am so passionate about. 

This blog is a just another way of letting the makeup junkie in me to educate the readers and share my opinions!!!

Disclosure Policy :http://wp.me/P4tKxn-D



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