Dont throw your dried up gel liner or cream eyeshadows !!!

Hello everyone ..i am back from my long india vacation and i am already missing Mumbai ( Bombay) 😦

If you ever live in Mumbai you would always want to go’s the city that never sleeps!!

Enough of my ramble …let’s get to the point

So on my visit to My home town which was during the peak summer i didn’t realise that the weather would cause some damage to my makeup items like my beloved gel eyeliners and cream eyeshadows.(also my messiness of not locking them tightly)

On unpacking and getting back to my routine i started noticing that they have all dried up and it was of no use. It was heartbreaking to throw them. So I did quite a bit research and many beauty bloggers and youtubers suggested me to add fix plus or eyedrops kind of solutions. I wasn’t that satisfied with the idea of mixing something. So i thought of trying to figure out something easy and which shouldn’t change the texture or have too many steps and also not contaminate the makeup.

I saw one of the makeup gurus mentioning,  you can microwave the eyeshadow or eyeliner. Now this is possible if the container is glass and  i thought its bit dangerous and high chances of causing some accident. You can still try microwaving it for 10 secs and if you feel the eyeshadow is still not reaching the desired consistency you can continue to microwave for some more secs.

Now what if the container is plastic or something which you can’t microwave. But there is  a solution to this problem use your trusting hair dryer yes blast the eyeshadow or the eyeliner for 15 secs  and Voila it’s should be good to use. You can blast it for more time if you feel the desired texture is not achieved.

I wish i had taken a picture before blasting the eyeliner but i am so happy that my eyeliner is saved and now i can use it.

This should be good for 3 to 4 weeks and if it dries up again, reach for that hair dryer and you are good to go.

I have picture of how it has changed the texture to like new eyeliner next to quite new black gel eyeliner and quick swatch of my cream eyeshadows which aren’t patchy anymore.


So all you ladies on this throw back thursday don’t throw your dried up eyeliners or eyeshadows especially those limited edition ones blast them up and revive them.

Let me know if you found this tip helpful !!!






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